DataFeed Services

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DataFeed is a reliable solution perfectly fitted for corporate websites and any applications providing market data and in-depth information to customers. StoxPlus provides an extensive range of high-quality and comprehensive financial information covering Vietnam market, including 800+ listed companies and 1200+ public unlisted companies. We maintain our data with enhanced error-checking to ensure a high-quality data repository.

  • Company A-Z with standardized and originally reported financials with all descriptive information, updated hourly;
  • 300+ pre-calculated ratios and growth rates (including TTM ratios on 3-year growth rates), updated daily;
  • Four levels of sector and industry analyses applying the international Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) standards together with sector indices;
  • In-depth data including broker forecasts, dilution, revenue breakdown and financial income;
  • Digitization of all 30 types of corporate announcements;
  • Market data adjusted for corporate actions such as stock split and bonus issue;
  • Daily update of corporate profiles, business plans and major projects;
  • Latest financial news and corporate earnings releases in Vietnamese and English.


Professional & Stable

  • Digitization of 100% corporate announcements covering 30 types of corporate events;
  • Comprehensive specialist data feed at request.

Accurate & Reliable

  • A comprehensive suite of 300+ financial ratios calculated in accordance with international best practices for each company, each sector and the whole market (HOSE, HNX and UPCOM).

Up-to-Date & Extensive

  • Real time market data feeds for 25 international stock market indices, world commodities, bonds and interest rates;
  • Full financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and detailed notes updated hourly;
  • The most updated corporate profiles including principal activities, ownership structure, main shareholders, management and key projects;
  • Latest financial and economic news in Vietnamese and English.